Andrews/Willsie Diorama

This diorama can be seen at our P‑38 Museum in Riverside, CA.  It was designed and built by Howard Ramshorn and Lowell Stacy with volunteer manhours.  The artwork was created by Stan Jones, and the entire project was funded by the Willsie family with their gratitude to Dick Andrews for dropping in to rescue Dick Willsie on that autumn day in 1944.  You can read the whole, dramatic story here.

Howie, Lowell and Stan went to great pains to make sure the story was depicted accurately and used some creative artistic techniques to get the special visual effects to work in a static display.  Well done!

You can view the large version of the photos by clicking on them.

This is the plaque displayed on the front of the exhibit, which also documents the events of that day.

Artist Stan Jones (also the Chaplain for the P‑38 Association).  Hard at work making sure he got all the details accurate!

This was the final result of all that hard work.  Sky blue (of course) and protected from the elements so our P‑38 Museum visitors can enjoy it for many years to come.


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