P-38 BASE DIORAMA -- March Field 1942‑43

Following are some photos of the magnificant small-scale reproduction of March AFB circa 1942‑43 that was built by our own Howard Ramshorn, Lowell Stacy and Stan Jones in our P‑38 Museum adjacent to March. It took over a year to build, and the attention they paid to even the tiniest detail is one of the things that makes it so fantastic.  Just click on each photo to see the enlarged version.

This is how it all began
(in Howie's back yard!)

1-87 Scale


Admin Building
with a few people
enjoying the view.

Crew hard at work

Nice picture of the Diorama
Backdrop Painted by Stan Jones

Two P‑38s
taking off

This third P-38 didn't quite make it on take-off.
The fireman quickly run out to douse the flames.


Nice Overhead Shot

Close Up of some of the
hangars and detail.


Same Hangars from a
Different View Showing the P-38s

Other End of Runway
with Control Tower

Closer View

Close Shot of Water
Tower, Railway & Backdrop

Long Shot of Admin Building
and P-38s

Close-up of Activity
Around the Hangars

Detail of Crew Working
on P-38 Prop

Stearman Trainer
Being Worked On
(Many P-38 Pilots Received
Their First Training in Stearmans)

Close-up of
Front Gate
(Looks Like Some
New Arrivals are Here)

Shot of Background

Diorama Builder Howard Ramshorn,
answering a few questions from the crowd.

Crowd of Visitors
who came to Inspect the
New Diorama Display


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