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Dr. Charles E. Merkel, Jr.
Bob Miller
Dick Miller
Fred Miller
Mary Mingo & her
Bridge Club

(In memory of Joseph Szep)
Bill & Genevieve Minkler

(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Brian Mogel
Robert E. Moritz
Paul Moshay
Agnes J. Mulkey
Richard Murphey
Roger & Jeanne Naylor
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
Ernie Newman
Craig Nickoloff
Robin Nordman
Mike Novak

Ryan O'Brien
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Orchid Web Services
Gloria M. Osberg
Robert Parker
John Parliman

Mary Kay Payne
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
W. Lee Payne
Ed Penick
(In honor of John Foster)
Patsy Peters
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
Marjorie Philippe
Richard & Beverly Popko
(In memory of Stan Ordway)

D. Craig Porter
(in memory of Claire D. Porter
and Loren J. Odergard)

Craig Porter
Dan Potts
M/M Caryl Prince

(In memory of Lois Carlton)
David Randall
Bob Rankin
Jane Robichaux & Family
(In Memory of David "Dave" Toomey)
Jerome Roy
Chauncy & Nancy Rucker

(In Memory of Roy King)
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Rumpf
(In memory of Bob Carlton)
Anthony Sacco
Richard & Shirley Schacht

(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Bob Scherner
Aileen Sevdy

Ciara Shearin
(In Memory of Horace M. "Johnny" Shearin, Jr.)
Sally Shuttleworth
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
Barbara Siegrist

(In memory of Roy Siegrist)
Bill Sleeper
Warren K. Smith
Debra Snyder
Rupert T. Sparks, Jr.

David Steiner
John Sugros
Sunshine Club
(In memory of Tanya Martin)
William Swart
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Robert L. Taylor
Michael Terry
Gene and Anna Belle Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Tucci
(In memory of Bob Carlton)
Jack Turner
Don Uber Family
(In memory of Robert "Bob" Flatley)
Kenneth Underwood
Glenn Van de Sandt
Dick van den Heuvel
Ward Vanderberg
Saly Vaun
Philippe Vergne
(In Memory of Ray K. Hine)
Al Vidal
Todd Waller
Paul Warman
Ray & Patricia Watje

(In memory of Ed Baquet) Douglas J. Weishar
Ralph Willett
M/M Ed Williams
John Williams
Vernon C. Williamson
Anna M. Willis
Helen Wilson
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Harry and Dian Witherspoon
(In memory of Arthur E. Amos)
Kay & Lewis Wright
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Scott Wright
Hewitt G. Youtz