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Joan Allmaras
(In Memory of Dave Toomey)
Ed Baquet Multiple Donations
George Brown (In memory of Lois Carlton)
Warren R. Bruskrud (In memory of Ed Baquet)
Candice Burroughs and family (In memory of Archie Jackson)
Millard "Coffee" Coffman
John V. Croul
Dayle DeBry
Multiple Donations
Chuck Glass
(in memory of Juanita L. Glass)
Chuck Glass
(in memory of Burl E. Glass, Jr.)
Stephen Gunder
Jeanney Scott Horn
Multiple donations
(in memory of Capt. Steve "Scotty" Scott) and Lt. Col. John S. Blyth
Sally Hyatt-Kearney
Multiple donations
(In memory of Thomas E. Kearney)
Kerry Ingerson
(In memory of Robert D. Ingerson)
Michael Jackson and Family
(In memory of Archie Jackson)
Charles Kamphausen, Jr.
Multiple Donations
(In memory of Charles Kamphausen)
Don & Anne Kress
Eric Kroesche
(In memory of John Slack)
Nancy Walters McCarty
(In memory of Stanley Walters)
Robert Messenger
Nash Entertainment
(In memory of Bert Shepard)
Jack "Fox" Olson
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
Joe Onesty Multiple Donations
Stephen Rodolf
Multiple Donations
(in memory of John H. Rodolf)
Separate Donation
(in memory of Ed Maloney)
Ed Rothermund
(In memory of All P-38 Pilots)
Tony Salotti
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
Ann Showan-Slade
(In memory of Peter M. Showan)
Ron & Marilyn Smith
Multiple Donations
Harry & Alice Stillman Family Foundation
Sunnyside Corporation
(In memory of Bob Carlton)
Patrick L. Swift
(In memory of Audrey Swift, wife of Kenneth Swift)
James R. Tyler

Multiple Donations
Robert C. Waggoner
Multiple Donations
Cindy Ward
(In memory of Lew Roberts)
Dick Willsie
Stan Wright
(In Memory of Capt. Maxwell Wright)


John Adams
(In Memory of Col. Robert H Adams)
Lynne Bachover-Barz
Kevin Baquet
(In Memory of Ed Baquet)
Rick Barrett
Ray Bell
Robert Brens
Kim Bryden
Candice Burroughs
Conceptrix LLC
Martin V Covington
Multiple Donations
Robert & Ann Cunningham
(In Memory of Stan Ordway)
Myron Day
(In Memory of Rodger Ward)
John F. Durant
(In Memory of Bruce Bauer)
Gil English
Helen A. Fowkes
M/M John Garbett
(In Memory of Lois Carlton)
Russell Gates
(In Memory of Neil V. Gates)
Leonard Gold
Amy and Fredrick Guster
(In Memory of Archie Jackson)
Mr. & Mrs. Watt G. Hill, Jr.
(in support of 2013 POF air show)
Jim Ihlenfeldt
Drew Jackson
(In Memory of Archie Jackson)
Ed Jasper
Sally D. Hyatt-Kearney
(In Honor of Tom Kearney)
John R. Lapsansky
(In memory of Everett Price)
Jean Leal
(In memory of Bob Carlton)

Helping to Keep Alive the Memory of the P‑38 Lightning

Everyone whose name is inscribed here is a supporter of this website and our mission. We are an all-volunteer operation and are able to thrive only with the help of people like you. Any donation is appreciated.

If you wish to make a donation in honor of someone or in memory of them, just select which one from the drop down menu below and then type their name in the "Name of Honoree" box.

Then click the "Make a Donation" button. You will be taken to our secure PayPal link, where you may use any of several credit cards to make a donation in the amount of your choosing.

If you'd prefer to make just a general donation, just click on the "Make a Donation" button.

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If you prefer to mail in a donation by check or money order, please make your payment payable to:

P‑38 National Association
PO Box 6453
March ARB, CA 92518

Once we receive your donation, we will be notified and add your name below.

We thank everyone listed for helping to support our efforts to keep alive the memory of the P‑38 Lockheed Lightning and the men and women who knew her so well!

If you've made a donation, but do not see your name here, please let us know!


San Martin Multiple Donations
(In memory of Merle Trumbull)
Pat Millicano
(In memory of Albert Campbell Sr.)
Robert H. Nishimura
Multiple Donations
Tim O'Connell
Toni Olson
(In Memory of Ed Baquet, Dick Willsie
and Bob Carlton)
Elmer A. Omohundro Jr.
Multiple donations
Robert E. Perry
(In Memory of Bruce Bauer)
Lynn Persinger
(In Memory of Archie Jackson)
Michael Petruski
(In Honor of Cpl. Elizabeth Bodnarik,
P-38 Mechanic)
Robert Post
Seymour Prell
Multiple Donations
Max Pyles
R.A. Rankin
Francis R. Rayner
Kyle L. Riddle
(In Memory of Brig. General Kyle L. Riddle)
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Roos
Robert Scherner
(in Memory of Bob Carrethers)
Chuck Shallenberger
Thomas Simms
Stan Slutz
James Stanhope
Dave Steiner
Francis Stouter
Patrick Swift

Douglas Taylor
Sharon (Estill) Taylor
Lute Thompson
Multiple Donations
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tregellas
(In Memory of Stan Ordway)
Victoria B. Tucker
(In Memory of Bruce Bauer)
William van de Sandt
Kristi Vaught
(In honor of CAF Col Joseph Russell Vaught; In Memory of SSG William Russell Vaught)
Wilhelmus Veltman
Philippe Vergne
Multiple Donations
(In Memory of Ray K. Hine)
Herman A. Waggener
Multiple Donations
(In Memory of Warren Cortner)
Robin & Avery Willis
(In Memory of Gene Hickok)
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Wood


John Adams
(in memory of Col. Robert H Adams)
Helen V. Airey
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Robert M. Andraski
Bill Avant
Lynne Bachover-Barz
Fred Bailey
Brian Baird

(In Memory of George W. Baird)
Barry Bartlett
Carl Baumeister
Frank Beagan
Boeing Medical Department
(In memory of John Bainer)


We do not receive financial support from the USAF, Lockheed or the U.S. government and are supported entirely by people like you!

All donations made to the P‑38 National Association are used entirely in support of our mission to keep alive the memory of this classic airplane from WWII.

Since we are a non‑profit organization, please check with your accountant, as your donation to us may very well be considered as a tax deduction.

Thanks again for your help!


Kenneth Brammer
Gary Bregant
Bob & Lois Carlton
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
Jim Carlton
(In Memory of Bob Carlton)
Marvin Carlton
Howard Channell
Ken Chapin
Sean Chapman
(In memory of Lefty Gardner)
Tom Cheek
Walter Conner
(In memory of Lois Carlton)
John Coppage
Gary W. Cortner
Mary Ellen Crowder

(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Alfred & Barbara Cryer
M/M Mitchell Cwiek
Edith Dashnau
Mary Deckert
(In memory of Harlan Deckert)
Robert Delaney

Joseph E. Demeules
E.W. DeWeert
Dr. Bill DeWeese
Nicholas DiLauro
(In Memory of Cornelius M. DiLauro)
George Doty
Robert Eidson
Ed Ellenberg
Paul Ellis
Roger Enlow
(In Memory of T H McArthur)
Alex Ferrasci
Jeff Feltham
Elaine Foderaro
(In Memory of Mary Lou Colbert Neale)
Tom and Joan Follis
Mike Fortino
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Garbett
Barrie and Janis Gauthier
Jim Ghormley
J. Ginsburg
Leonard Gold
M/M Harry Goldsworthy
(In memory of Lois Carlton)
Grampaw Pettibone Squadron
Freya & Art Grand
Carter Greene
Martin Groark
Jerry Hall
Mr. & Mrs. David Haug
(In memory of Dave Toomey)
Bob Hawes
Barrett Haynes
M/M Lorn Hendricks
(In memory of Lois Carlton)
Dan Henry
Stephen Hepler
Louis Hitter
Tally & Sky Hoffman
(In memory of Archie Jackson)
Laura J. Hole
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
Jeanney Horn

(In memory of Capt. Steven Alton Scott)Hazel M. Hugueley
(In memory of Archie Jackson)
M/MGary E. Hunt
(In memory of Lois Carlton)
Don Huntsman
James J. Irby
Michael & Valerie Jackson
(In memory of Archie Jackson)
M/M Donald Johnson
(In memory of Lois Carlton)
Johnson Family
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Roy A. Johnson
(In memory of Lois Carlton)
Sally Hyatt-Kearney
Tom Kearney
James Keenan
Bob Kelly
Steve Krick
Monroe Lair
Laura Lawson
Christopher LeFave
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Rita Levine
Aileen Lim
(In memory of Ed Baquet)
M/M Charles R. Little
(In Memory of Jack Starr)
Marion Loney
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
William & Joyce Lorenz
Gary & Mary Jane Macha
(In memory of Stan Ordway)
Ian B. Mackenzie
George M. Magee
James McAdory
In Memory of Guy McAdory)
Ray McAllister
Rosalie McCoy
Peter McDonough
Chris Mefferd

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