P-38 Replica in Burbank Mall on Site of Former Lockheed P‑38 Production Facility

Some fun photos contributed to the Association by Lockheed expert, Mark Reynosa.  Visit Mark's website.


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 P-38 over Target Store - Former Lockheed Burbank Plant

Closeup: Shows the P-38 image atop one of the four signs on the east side of the former Lockheed Plant B-1, home of P-38 mass production.

Target store with P-38 signBldg-1A:  Shows the actually location of the new sign, just south of the former Gate 1 and on the location of the former Bldg 1A, Lockheed Headquarters during World War II.  The only World War II remnant is the pedestrian under crossing on the sidewalk with wrought iron which was directly in front of Bldg 1A.

Lockheed plant
B-3_site:  Site of former Lockheed Plant 3 and Bldg 214, home the YP-38s.