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Tony LeVier Biography

Tony LeVier Monument


Written by LeVier about his experiences with the development and testing of the P‑-38.

"I read this book at 14 and was inspired enough by it to become a test pilot myself" -James D. Lyne

This book contains some of Tony LeVier's data, and the forward is also written by LeVier.

P-38 Lightning

Tony LeVier

Few would argue that Tony Levier should hold a very special place in leading the P-38 into aviation history.

Tony became fascinated with planes as a young teenager after learning of Lindbergh's famous trans-Atlantic flight.  It is said that upon hearing about it he proclaimed to his family:  "I'm going to be a pilot!"  Rumor has it that his Mom said, "Just remember to be a good one."  No question he took that suggestion to heart as he became one of the most famous test pilots and aviation racers that ever lived.

Tony's aviation career began by chance and with a little luck.  While walking barefoot (they did that alot in those days) down a movie theatre isle he saw what he thought was a dollar bill.  He picked it up with his toes and continued to his seat, where he discovered it was a $10 bill.  He said the first thought that popped into his head was, "Tomorrow morning I'm going to go take my first flying lesson."  Read more of Tony's history here.

After testing and flying more than 200 types of aircraft, Tony LeVier is widely known to have declared the P-38 to be his favorite!  And as far as test pilots go, "Kelly" Johnson (the designer of the P-38) once said of Tony, "I like LeVier to fly my aircraft because he always brings back the answers."

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Tony LeVier Talks About the P‑38

Anthony William "Tony" LeVier
14 FEB 1913 / 6 FEB 1998


This award-winning DVD includes an exclusive interview with Tony LeVier.

A Tribute to Lightning