Catherine Vail Bridge

WASP 1 on 1

Interview with Catherine Bridge

California of the Past digital story of Catherine Bridge as she tells about her experience during World War II as a civilian ferrying different kinds of military aircraft from air base to air base. It is part of a series from the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library.

WASP Catherine Bridge
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Plant Assembly Workers

Plant Assembly Workers

None of this could have happened, of course, without the personnel working long, hard hours at the Lockheed Burbank assembly plant. Check out these amazing pictures of the line workers doing their honorable work.Here is a clever poem written by them and dedicated to...



A P-38 pilot in our organization once said... "My crew kept me alive." That about says it all. Although the pilots are often given the recognition and the glory, they wouldn't be in the air without the crew keeping their Lightnings in tip-top shape for their...

Veteran Tributes

Veteran Tributes

These tributes have been created by Erich Anderson, and each tribute link below will take you to their individual tribute page on Erich's site, "Veteran Tributes."  This is an enormous undertaking, and Erich should be recognized and appreciated for allhis hard work....