Here is the amazing story of Jim O'Hara, who built a flyable approximately 70% to scale P-38 from scratch.  Here is the story as we received it, as well as photos of Jim, his wife Mitzi, and their P-38 -- on the ground and in the sky.

Jim & Mitzi O'HaraJim O'Hara is a member of EAA chapter 493 in San Angelo.  He is a retired college professor (I believe in Aeronautical Engineering) who learned to fly when he was about 60 years old.  He's now 81 years old.  15 years ago, he began construction of a 2/3 scale P-38.  Using information he obtained from various sources about the P-38, he drew up a set of plans using a computer aided design program.  Jim and his wife Mitzi built the entire aircraft by themselves.  I've been fortunate enough to know Jim for almost the entire 15 years that he's been working on his "project."  He first flew his plane in July of last year, and has just completed flying off the time (I believe it was 50 hours).  He designed the plane to have a small jump seat behind the pilot for his wife.  She's tiny, and it's a good thing; the jump seat doesn't have much room.

 Mitzi O'Hara All Saddled UpHe made his first cross-country with Mitzi from San Angelo to Fredericksburg Saturday, accompanied by many of his friends from Chapter 493.  He's planning on bringing it to Eldorado for our annual BBQ next Saturday (Oct 31).



More photos:

Eldorado Airport 27R - Fly-In 2009

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