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P-38 Lightning DVDs

Roaring Glory Warbirds
P-38 Lightning Roaring Glory Warbirds, Vol 6
Jeff Ethells's commentary is excellent as he puts the 38 through its paces from preflight through flight and shutdown off the beautiful coast of Oregon at Tillamook. The photography is beautiful, crisp, in focus, well lit, beautiful!

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Multiple Camera Angles
Complete Pilot's Handbook
Original WWII training film
WWII pilots "family album."

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Injury Slight, Please Advise
Injury Slight, Please AdviseBased on a true story, this award-winning film follows the thirty day ordeal of 35th Fighter Group P­38 pilot Capt. Charles O'Sullivan, who was shot down over New Guinea in 1943.

You'll relive the aerial combat that begins the story, his encounter with cannibalistic natives on the island, and his good fortune in finding Australian commandos.

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Amazon has many more DVDs about the P-38 Lightning, so have a look here for more!
Classic US Combat Aircraft of WWII
Classic US Combat Aircraft of WWII - P-38 LightningThis DVD covers the technical aspects of the P­38, from development, production, and deployment to the operational maintenance.

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Sheet Metal Repairs to the P­38
Sheet Metal Repairs to P-38 LightningThe original black and white 16 mm film was cleaned and restored at a preservation house, and then digitally re­mastered for this DVD.

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