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P-38 Exhibit Valle AZ
Valle P-38 Exhibit
...the beginning

P-38 Lightning Exhibit - Valle AZ
The beautiful 3-D header
on the P-38 Valle exhibit

474th FG
A nod to the 474th FG

P-38 Cockpit
P-38 Cockpit that was on
display during our Annual Meeting.

Valle Exhibits

We've held several annual meetings at the Planes of Fame location in Valle, AZ. One of our great joys as an organization was to build several P-38 exhibits for their museum.

Bob Alvis, Howard Ramshorn and Bob and all the support personnel who helped to build and continue to maintain the exhibits at Valle.



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Lt. Estill Exhibit


One of the exhibits built by the P-38 Association is dedicated to 1Lt Shannon E. Estill who was shot down in what was then East Germany only weeks before the end of the war on Friday April 13, 1945.

Lt. Estill P-38 Exhibit-Valle AZ
Lt. Estill's Exhibit

Much of this exhibit was provided by his daughter, Sharon Estill Taylor. You can read Lt. Estill's story at her website, My Phantom Father.

Sharon Taylor, Dayle DeBry and Bob Alvis
Sharon Taylor Estill, Dayle
DeBry and Bob Alvis

Paul Meier at P-38 Exhibit, Valle AZ
Paul Meier

It was Paul’s P-38 that Lt. Estill was flying the day he was shot down.