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P-38 Museum

The P‑38 Museum is appropriately housed in an airplane hangar, adjacent to March Air Reserve Base in Southern California.

Complete info is here.

Museum Store

All custom products previously available from our online store are still available at our P‑38 Museum store in Riverside. Visit the Museum when you're in the area for beautiful, exclusive merchandise!

Online Store

When you buy something from our online store you are helping our non-profit organization keep alive the memory of this magnificent plane. Any purchase you make there will generate a small referral fee to our organization, at no extra cost to you!

You can find the store here,

Is Your Purchase Tax Deductible?

Check with your financial advisor when you buy something from us. As an IRS registered veterans' non-profit, your purchase may very well be tax deductible!

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Board of Directors

Bob Alvis
Steve Blake
Jim Bridges
Dayle DeBry
Scott Frederick
Kelly Kalcheim
Art Newman
Ira Newman
Joe Onesty*
Seymour Prell*
Howard Ramshorn
Maryann Ramshorn
Ron Smith
Dorothy Skidmore
Lowell Stacy

* P-38 WWII Vet


Steve Blake
John Stanaway

Legal Counsel

Samuel P. Crowe

Contact Us

P-38 National Association
PO Box 6453
March Air Reserve Base CA 92518‑0393

This form will give you the option as to who the email is for. If you're not sure, please check the Directors indicated in the right column of this page.

About Us

Our Mission

The P‑38 National Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to preserve and perpetuate the memory of this classic WWII aircraft, the P‑38 "Lockheed Lightning," and those who designed, built, maintained and flew it. Future generations should know about this amazing airplane and the difference it made in helping to win World War II.

Our Members

We have well over 1900 records of persons with hands-on experience with this state-of-the-art aircraft, and our membership continues to grow as more and more fans find out about us.

Members include pilots, maintenance personnel, crew chiefs, armorers, cooks, and administrators of any military organization flying or supporting this great aircraft. This also encompasses WASP personnel technical representatives and manufacturing personnel of companies who supported the military or supplied the factories producing and maintaining the P‑38. 

Our membership also includes fans who had relatives involved with the manufacture or use of the planes as well as those who are enthusiasts of the P‑38 (or WWII aviation history).  These fans have become an important part in carrying on the legacy begun over 70 years ago.

If you just love the Lightning, why not join us today. You can get all the details here...and, unlike with some other aviation organizations, the annual dues won't be painful!

Non-Profit Status

The P-38 National Association is a non-profit organization.  We are a 501(c)(19) tax–exempt organization under the IRS Taxation Code.  All donations made to the P‑38 National Association may be tax-deductible. Check with your Accountant.



Calendar 2018

Board Meetings

March Field Air Museum Library
Time:  9:30 AM
Dates: Feb 10, Apr 14, Jun 9, Aug 11, Oct 13*

*Board Elections

Other Events

May 5-6: Planes of Fame Air Show

Come visit our booth!

Board Members

Art Newman Art Newman
Howard Ramshorn Howard Ramshorn
Director, Hangar Operations
Scott Frederick Scott Frederick
Vice President
Unavailable James Bridges
Dayle DeBry
Director, Past President
Kelly Kelly Kalcheim
Director, Internet Operations, co-Editor of Lightning Strikes
Steve Blake
Steve Blake
Director, Membership, co-Editor of Lightning Strikes.