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You Just Might Love the P-38...

This section is just for the FUN of it.  It includes photos of fun or unusual uses of the P‑38, and is strictly intended for those of us who are a little "over the top" about this classic plane!

You can click on many of the pictures to see a larger view of them.

If you have a "unique" representation of the P-38, please email it to us so we can add it to the fun!

... if you have it on your birthday cake!

(Contributed by Ed Baquet)

... if you have it on your Winchester!

...if you put it on your license plate!

(Contributed by long-time Association
Life Member and P-38 crew chief, Frank Gallup)

...if you can't find your way to the
latrine without one!

(Contributed by Dan Rendant)

...if you just gotta ride one piggyback!

("Piggyback Certificate" contributed by
Bob Bozarth)


...if you use them as reflectors on your
motorcycle helmet!

(Contributed by Association Member
and P-38 fan, Ron Parker)

..if you model your new automobile after it!

(Both the Cadillac & the Studebaker did this!)

...if you create a topiary out of boxwood!

(Topiary contributed by Joe Kyte)

...if you put a big ole P38 on the wheel cover of your RV!

P-38 Wheel cover
(Contributed by Richard Earl Hansen,
Lt. Colonel, USAF Ret.)


...if you stick it on your shopping mall sign!

(Contributed by Mark Reynosa)

...if you paint P-38 murals on your wall.

Somewhere near Foggia, Italy, 1944

This great photo was apparently taken in Foggia, Italy, around 1944 -- but we haven't been able to verify exactly where this beautiful mural was painted. (If any of you recognize it let us know, and we'll add the info here.)

Check out what they were using for ashtrays! Diffused, of course!

(Contributed by Kelly Baquet Kalcheim.
That's my Dad, Ed Baquet, in the photo)

...when your sons start modeling their Derby cars after them.

(Contributed by Association Member and fan,
Mark & Becky Phillips and their boys, Luke & Tom.)

...when your daughter puts a P-38 on her graduation mortarboard

P-38 Mortarboard(Contributed by Bob Alvis)

...if you don't leave home without one.

(Contributed by Hayman Tam.)

If you get very specific about your love of the P‑38.

(Contributed by James P Corbitt, long-time
member of the P-38 National Association)

...if you make a boat out of spare P-38 parts!

Kunming, China, circa 1944
(Contributed by Aileen Garra Lim)

This is an unusual use for a P-38 tank.  Aileen Lim, whose father was Chief, 4th Photo Tech Unit, sent in this photo of him and his friend, Vernon Woods (also in the 4th Photo Tech Unit), who took an auxiliary gas tank from a P-38 and made it into an outrigger boat. Fun!

...if you put a bunch of them on your kitchen towel!

(Contributed by Association Member Hayman Tam)

Also check out the photo below
of Hayman's P‑38 collection!)

... if it helps you to keep clean in the midst of WWII!

(Contributed by Jim Corbett)

Here Bob Bilello of Brooklyn, NY,  is improvising a shower using a P-38 droptank!

...if you've built a "P-38 Shrine" in your home!

You've got to click on this photo to view the enlarged version and truly appreciate all the P‑38 goodies that Hayman Tam has collected. He has some unique items, as well as some very rare items (such as a piece of the "Glacier Girl" skin).  How many P‑38s can you count?

...if you not only wear it on your back, but on your transportation!

Seems Marty Potts is a fan. Not only does he have this beautiful jacket, he also lets the whole world know about this admiration for the 38!

(Contributed by Marty Potts)

...if you're willing to do THIS just to ride in one again after 50 years.

(Contributed by Ed Baquet.)

Roger Weatherbee was a P-38 pilot with 49th Fighter Squadron in Foggia, Italy.

Ed Rothermund P-38 License Plate
(Contributed by Association member, Ed Rothermund)
Amazon has some license frames here.