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Some Well-Known P‑38s

Visit the "Surviving P‑-38s" page to see where all of them are, including the ones that are still airworthy (and do let us know if you hear about updates!).

23 Skidoo

Serial #44-23314

This P‑38 has gone through many name (nose art) changes over the years.

She was bought by Ed Maloney and brought back to airworthiness after 28 years of inactivity.

She is the only airworthy P‑38 that is capable of carrying a passenger due to its "piggyback" configuration.

Here is one of our members, Roger Weatherbee, who decided to take that (uncomfortable!) flight for the priceless trip down memory lane.

Flying Bulls P‑38

Serial #44-53254

Although it has come to be known as the "Red Bull" P‑38, technically it is part of the Flying Bulls Aircraft Museum.

Now located in Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria, this is the same P-38 that was previously owned by Lefty Gardner, which was painted in the "White Lightnin'" color scheme.

After it had a crash landing in Greenwood, MS, June 25, 2001, it was restored to airworthiness and ultimately bought by the Red Bull company to add to its extensive collection of vintage aircraft.

Scat III (Ruff Stuff)

Serial #44-27231
Scat III P-38

We had to include this in this group because of the special place it holds in our heart.

For many years, before it received the "Ruff Stuff" nose art, this P‑38 was housed in our P‑38 Museum in Riverside, CA, courtesy of Dave Tallichet, who owned it at the time.

When it was sold to Ron Fagen and restored, it moved to its current home at the Fagen Fighters Warbird Museum in Granite Falls, MN.

In 2015 it was renamed "Scat III" in honor of P‑38 pilot, Robin Olds.

Glacier Girl

Serial #41-7630

This is arguably the most famous P‑38 still in existence. We have dedicated an entire section of this website to her because of her extraordinary journey, and what it has taken to bring her back (literally) from an icy grave.

You can read her whole story here and see images of her recover, restoration and first flight.

California Cutie

Serial #42-67543

This P‑38 has, unfortunately, become known for its sad and catastrophic crash at the "Flying Legends" air show in Duxford, England back in 1996.

If you wish to view the news coverage, it can be seen here. (CAUTION: It includes footage of the crash.)

White Lightnin'

Serial #44-53254

This was the beautiful paint scheme for White Lightnin' before it changed hands. (See "Flying Bulls" to the left for the details.)