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Known by the German Luftwaffe as "Der Gabelschwanz Teufel" (The Fork-Tailed Devil) the P‑38 Lockheed Lightning was light years ahead of its time. Designed as a high-altitude interceptor, contrary to what some think, the P‑38 was not just a fighter; it also carried high explosive and incendiary bomb loads -- competing with the early WWII bomber aircraft, with bomb loads of up to 4000 pounds. It was the all‑around "fighter" of choice for the top "aces" of the war (Richard Bong and Tom McGuire).

Approximately 10,000 P‑38's were built, and they flew in every combat theater around the world during WWII.


The P‑38 did everything a combat aircraft could do:


The P-38 also operated in the every imaginable weather condition:

There are many great sites on the internet with very detailed specs on the 38 and the theaters of operation in which they were flown.  Check our links page for some ideas.)

P-38 Cockpit

Click on the photo below to have a close-up look inside a P‑38 cockpit.

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This unique model allows you to build different variations of the P‑38, including the Night Fighter (P‑38M)!

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