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If you're looking for a fool-proof way to make a P‑38 fan happy, buying a P‑38 National Association Gift Membership is a perfect idea!

Every single time the "Lightning Strikes" membership publication arrives in their home mailbox, every event we organize, every email that shows up from a fellow P‑38 lover, your gift will be bringing smiles to someone who deserves them!

It couldn't be easier to buy a Gift Membership for a friend or loved one...

Just fill in the form below, and click the "Send My Gift" button. You will then be taken to our PayPal (pay-by-credit card) page, where you can pick the appropriate Membership Level and pay for it right on the spot. When we receive confirmation of your payment we will send the "New Member" pack to the recipient of your gift, along with a note letting them know it's from you!

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This page is intended for Gift Memberships ONLY. If you'd like to join the Association yourself (or renew your Membership, please visit the Membership page.

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"Your publication of a name in the "New Members" list put me in touch with a fellow Flying Knight of the Pacific war. Thanks for helping us to get in touch!"

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We've made it easy for you to give a membership gift to the P‑38 Association.

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