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Thank you for your interest in joining the P‑38 National Association. It's the best way possible to guarantee that future generations can learn about our favorite plane and "keep 'em flying" so aviation fans can continue to appreciate the splendor of the Lightning.

Our membership is open to anyone who loves the P-38 and wants to join us in our mission to keep alive the memory of this beautiful airplane.


With your membership dollars you will help support our ongoing efforts to insure the P‑38's place in American aviation history, and to provide continuing information and education about the P‑38 to aviation enthusiasts of all ages throughout the world.  This includes our financial support of some key aviation programs, such as scholarships and other appropriate donations.

In addition to the printed membership publication you'll receive three times a year, your annual dues are also used to help support our P‑38 Museum adjacent to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, CA, as well as exhibits at the Planes of Fame Museum in Valle, AZ. 

Your dues also enable us to attend air shows and special events throughout the year to represent the P‑38 community and help "spread the word" about the Lightning. We are an all-volunteer staff.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes is our membership publication. It is published three times a year and is loaded with great stores and classic photos of P‑38s and P‑38 personnel.

It includes stories not only about the fighter and photo recon pilots, but also great articles about the P‑38 ground crewmen, designers, WASPs and other hands-on personnel like Lockheed plant assembly workers. Of course, you'll also get some fantastic war stories in every issue, and these are getting harder and harder to find these days!


In addition to our offline membership publication, Lightning Strikes, we also have an active Facebook presence. It has become a very popular place for P-38 fans from around the world to post their photos, comments and interesting bits of P‑38 history.

You can visit it here.

There are so many terrific benefits to joining the P‑38 Association, we hope you'll decide to join us today and support the mission.

How to Join

It's very simple to begin your membership in the P‑38 Association. You can join with our online form and pay via our secure credit card option...or you can print out the membership application and mail it in with your check. Whichever choice works best for you works good for us, too!

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With your membership, you will receive the following:

New Member Pack

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New Member's
Welcome Pack

Book: "P-38 Lightning: Unforgettable Missions of Skill and Luck"
P-38 Postcard-Style Data Card
Embroidered 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 Association Patch
P-38 Hat/lapel Pin
P-38 Membership Card P-38 Association brochure
P-38 Business card, so you'll know who all the players are
Three issues of our membership publication "Lightning Strikes" thoughout the entire year of your membership.

"Your publication of a name in the "New Members" list put me in touch with a fellow Flying Knight of the Pacific war. Thanks for helping us to get in touch!"

*See rates in left column.

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It's so easy to buy a Gift Membership for a friend or loved one, and every single time a "Lightning Strikes" arrives, or a P-38 event is featured and every email from a fellow veteran or P-38 fan shows up, your gift will be bringing smiles to someone who deserves them!

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