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You can view more videos of White Lightnin' here on YouTube

There are many beautiful pictures of White Lightnin available online. This Google link will show you some of them.


White Lightnin'

Before Glacier Girl, Lefty Gardner's "White Lightnin'" was arguably the most famous airworthy P‑38 in America. People would make a point to attend vintage air shows just so they could see her.

Sadly, on June 25, 2001, lightning struck the earth...and this time the lightning was white and the damage was bad.

This section of our website is dedicated to Lifetime Association Member, the late Marvin L. "Lefty" Gardner and his beautiful plane, "White Lightnin'," (P‑38L‑5, SN #44‑53254).


You have probably heard by now that White Lightnin' was sold to the Flying Bulls of Austria (an arm of Red Bull beverage company).

Ezell Aviation did a COMPLETE refurb on her after the crash, and she is now back to her beautiful splendor, although with a dramatically new look.

Red Bull P-38

There are bunches and bunches of pictures of this beautiful P-38 available online now. Just do a Google Image search to see them.


"Lefty" Gardner clearly had a passion, and her name was "White Lightnin'"

Learn more about this fascinating man and his beautiful P‑38.


The true story of a cowboy aviator, his combat career, his association with the CAA (Confederate Air Force) and his air racing and air show events, shot over his¬†shoulder as he flies his beautiful "White Lightnin'" P‑38. A look at the life of a Texas cropduster, as Lefty and his friends skim the mesquite in a Stearman. Cropduster songs and soundtrack alone are worth the price.

Lefty Gardner VHS

[NOTE: We have only seen this as a VHS.]

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like in the cockpit of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning? Ever wondered what a P‑38 vs. "Zero" dogfight sounded like in WWII? Ever wish you could hear the sounds of Lefty Gardner's P-38 aerobatic routine just one more time? Wish no longer. You'll hear all the above and much, much more on this CD. Includes an interview with Lefty Gardner. All digital, and over an hour long.

Checkflight P-38