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Her Story

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"The Lost Squadron"

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Glacier Girl

In the Beginning...

On July 15, 1942, a flight of six P-38s and two B-17 bombers, with a total of 25 crew members on board, took off from Presque Isle Air Base in Maine headed for the U.K.  What followed was a harrowing and life-threatening landing of the entire squadron on a remote ice cap in Greenland. (See photo of downed P-38 from the "Lost Squadron.")  Miraculously, none of the crew was lost, and they were all rescued and returned safely home after spending several days on the desolate ice.

Fifty years later a small group of aviation enthusiasts decided to locate that squadron, who had come to be known as "The Lost Squadron," and to recover one of the lost P‑38s.  It turned out to be no easy task, as the planes had been buried under 25 stories of ice and drifted over a mile from their original location.

The story of this mission and the recovery of the P‑38 (which was christened "Glacier Girl") is a fascinating bit of history, and this section is dedicated to all the people involved in the discovery, recovery and restoration of P‑38F-1, SN #41-7630.

The very first shot on this tribute video is of Glacier Girl taking to the air for the first time after being buried in the ice for half a century. Awe inspiring!

History of Glacier Girl NEXT 

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You can find more pictures and info from the Lewis Air Legends website the owner of Glacier Girl.