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Her Story

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Glacier Girl Photo

Glacier Girl Photos

The P-38 National Association would like to thank Michael H. Horrell (from Hyperscale) for his kind donation of the following photos of Glacier Girl's first flight for our use. I think you'll agree they are beautiful shots, and we very much appreciate his contribution to the site. We would also like to thank Brett Green, who originally published the photos.

In the hangar

Tow Out

Flight Check

Tricycle Gear

Nose Art


Glacier Girl Pilot
& Certified Mechanic,
Steve Hinton

Final Check

Steve Hinton, ready
for takeoff

Engine Run-Up

Final Run-Up

Ready to remove the blocks

Taxi to Runway

Ready for takeoff

After 50+ years,
she takes to the air again!

Off She Goes...

Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

Hinton thrills the crowd
with multiple flybys!


Photo donated by Pat Carry with these details:  "This is the front piece of the P-38 now known as Glacier Girl. This photo was taken by Pat on August 19 at Oshkosh,WI.  It was brought there less than 2 weeks after being brought up from the ice."

More great Glacier Girl photos, sent to us by Doug Goerke.  I believe he took them while she was still in Middlesboro at the Lost Squadron Museum (which was closed when Glacier Girl was sold to Rod Lewis).