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These are some of the nicest paintings you'll find of the P-38 by some of the most famous aviation artists of today.


A Pair of Aces

P-38 - A Pair of Aces

Stan Stokes. America's top-scoring aces of World War II, Richard Bong and Tom McGuire, fly their P-38 Lightnings in tandem. Unfortunately, both of these highly decorated aces were killed before the war's end. 16"x 11½" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Tribute to a Lockheed Classic

P-38 - Tribute to a Lockheed Classic

Heinz Krebs. Following a mission over Germany in 1944, a trio of P-38 Lightnings from the 82nd Fighter Group race over the Alps to their base in Italy. 32"x 27" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist, by P-38 test pilots Tony LeVier and Nick Nicholson, and by P-38 design engineers Dick Pulver and Willis Hawkins.

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Captain Jack M. Ilfrey / P-38 Lightning

Jack Ilfrey's "Happy Jack's Go Buggy" art work

Ernie Boyette. Signed by the late Capt. Jack Ilfrey, pilot of Happy Jack's Go Buggy, this limited edition print features a wonderful depiction of the aircraft, and also documents 8-victory ace Ilfrey's amazing wartime exploits. Print measures 18"x 12" and is also signed by the artist.

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P-38 Lightning Art

Don Feight. Dick Bong in his famous Lockheed P-38 Lightning picks his way home through some very nasty weather. Hoping to avoid a lightning strike, Bong races for that patch of clear sky that all pilots seek. 28"x 22" print is signed by the artist.

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God Saved Me Today

P-38 - God Saved Me Today

Dan Zoernig. Moments before being shot down and captured by the Italians, Capt. Bruce Anderson of the 14th Fighter Group provides P-38 escort cover for B-26 Marauders bombing the Milo Airdrome in Trapani, Sicily, on June 15, 1943. In a happy ending, Anderson was repatriated by U.S. Army paratroopers just one month later. 19"x 13" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.

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Coming in Over the Estuary

P-38 Art - Coming in Over the Estuary - Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor. P-38 Lightnings of the 364th Fighter Group cross the English coastal village of Bosham, returning from a low-level strike over France, summer of 1944. 1,250 S/N by artist and five P-38 aces. 33½"x 25" print.

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Danger, Lightning Nearby

P-38 Art - Danger, Lightning Nearby

Roy Grinnell. This limited edition print is not only a wonderful depiction of the P‑38 Lightning's abilities, it is also hand signed by eleven actual P‑38 pilots - including Charles "Mac" MacDonald, fifth highest scoring USAAF ace and pilot of the P‑38 "Putt Putt Maru" shown here. 30"x 24".

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Touched by Lightning

P-38 - Touched by Lightning painting

Robert Bailey. P-38 Lightnings of the 402nd Fighter Squadron, 370th Fighter Group led by Capt. Cy Coenen and his wingman make a bombing pass over a German munitions train near Koblenz, Germany. 34"x 24" limited edition, numbered print is signed by the artist and by Capt. Coenen.

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Coming Right Up!

P-38 Recruiting Poster - Coming Right Up!

James Montgomery Flagg. The dramatic and modern P-38 is featured in a call for airmen to serve. This reproduction WWII-era USAAF recruiting poster measures approximately 23"x 35".

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P‑38 Lightning Data Poster

P-38 Data Poster

This fact-filled poster includes a large three-view drawing of the P‑38 Lightning, "Pudgy V"; illustrations of five historically significant P‑38s with details of their markings; 3‑view drawings; specifications; and brief commentary on the Lightning's development and features. It's as informative as it is decorative! 24"x 18".

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Historic Aviation has many more P-38
paintings, drawings and posters.
Visit their website here

The new P-38 Assn Website will be incorporating this beautiful P-38 into our logo.

Jack Fellows P-38 Painting

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We are in the process of redesigning our website, and our new logo will incorporate this beautiful painting by Jack Fellows -- who has graciously allowed us to use it. Be sure to visit his website to see all of his beautiful paintings.