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The Historic Aviation Gift Shop has the widest variety of hard-to-find products about the P-38.
Their prices are a not quite as low as Amazon's, but they have a much wider selection.

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Historic Aviation has a WIDE variety of P-38 models. I daresay, you can find any size or quality of model you want here. They carry everything from a balsa wood model to a 1:32 scale mahogany version.



P-38 - Snake Tail Model

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"SNAKE TAIL" - 80th Ftr Group
1:48 Die Cast

This amazingly detailed 1:48 scale die cast model of the P-38 Lightning flown by five‑victory ace Maj. Willard Webb of the 80th Fighter Group, the "Burma Banshees," features engraved panel lines, a fully outfitted cockpit, detailed superchargers and rotating propellers, extended landing gear with real rubber tires, authentic 459th Fighter Squadron "Twin Dragon" markings, and more. 13" wingspan.

Happy Jack's Go  Buggy - P-38 Model

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Happy jack's go buggy-20th FG
1:72 die cast

Replicating Capt. Jack M. Ilfrey's "Happy Jack's Go Buggy," the P-38 Lighting flown by eight-victory ace Capt. Jack Ilfrey of the 79th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group, based at Kings Cliffe, this 1:72 scale die cast model features fine surface details, a glazed canopy, armament, rotating propellers, extended landing gear, authentic USAAF markings, and more. 8½" wingspan.

Balsa Wood P-38 Model

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Balsa Wood Kit
1:16 scale

Recreating the "fork tailed devil" in brilliant detail, this 1:16 scale balsa kit includes precisely formed detail parts such as a cockpit with an opening canopy and a pilot figure, operating features such as movable control surfaces and retractable landing gear, finely printed decals, and more. For rubber-powered flight or display; 40" wingspan, assembly required.

475th Fighter Squadron Model

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Virginia Marie - 475th Ftr grp
1:48 Die Cast

This highly detailed 1:48 scale die cast model replicates Lt. C. Robert Anderson's P-38 "Virginia Marie" as it looked in late 1944, when he flew it for the 475th Fighter Group out of Boroka Airstrip, Biak. Model features spinning propellers, rubber tires, and authentic markings. Arrives ready to display. 13" wingspan

Putt Putt Maru model

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Putt Putt Maru - P38J
1:32 scale

Featuring the markings of Charles Henry "Mac" MacDonald's Putt Putt Maru, this 1:32 scale model, made of Philippine mahogany. Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base. 14½" in length. 19½" wingspan

P-38 Nose art panel

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"Noah's Ark"
P-38J with Nose Art Panel

From blonde bombshells to iconic characters and catch names, this new series of die cast models captures some of the most memorable and eye catching nose art in the world. The unique feature of this collection is that the nose art not only appears on the model plane but also on a faithfully reproduced larger scale die cast cut out section of the fuselage, which can be mounted on the enclosed display base with the model aircraft! 4" wingspan. 3" across the panel.


Historic Aviation has dozens more P-38 models.
Visit their website here
P-38J Lightning
1/72 Die Cast

"Pat III"

P-38 Lightning model - 1/72 diecast

Replicating "Pat III," the P-38J of Col. Oliver B. Taylor, the Commanding Officer of the 14th Fighter Group in 1944, this 1/72 scale die cast model features engraved panel lines, a detailed cockpit with a clear canopy, nose-mounted machine guns, optional-position landing gear with real rubber tires, authentic markings, a display stand and more.

8" wingspan.

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