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P-38 Remodel Donations

Thanks for deciding to chip in to help pay for the extensive remodelling we are doing to the P‑38 Museum.  It's a major, expensive renovation, and we appreciate your willingness to support the project.

P-38 HatAs we mentioned on the remodel page, anyone who chooses to donate $80 (or more) will be shipped a free, embroidered P‑38 Lightning hat.  To do so, we'll need your shipping address filled out on the form provided after you click the button. The $80 represents the upcoming 80th anniversary of the P‑38s first flight.

If you decide to donate $38, we will add your name to a brass plate we will be hanging in the P‑38 Museum once the remodelling is complete.

Thanks again for your support.

To make an $80 Donation, click this button

To make a $38 Donation, click this button.

To make a Donation in any amount you choose, click this button.