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Our Mission

The P-38 National Association is a non-profit  organization whose purpose is to preserve and perpetuate the memory of this classic WWII aircraft, the P-38 “Lockheed Lightning,” and those who designed, built, maintained and flew it. Future generations should know about this amazing airplane and the difference it made in helping to win World War II.

Our Members

We have had thousands of people join us over the years, many with hands-on experience with this state-of-the-art aircraft, and our membership continues to grow as more and more fans find out about us.

“As a Charter member and a former P-38 Pilot in the Southwest Pacific, I am proud to be a member and see the interest the younger generation is taking to keep the memory of a spectacular aircraft alive.” 


– Clayton A. Johnson (Lt.Col. USAF Ret.)

Our membership roster includes P‑38 pilots (past and present), maintenance personnel, crew chiefs, armorers, cooks, and administrators of any military organization flying or supporting this great aircraft. This also encompasses WASPs, technical representatives, and manufacturing personnel of companies who supported the military or supplied the factories producing and maintaining the P‑38, including Lockheed employees and all those “Rosie the Riveters.” Many of the members on our rolls are fans who had friends or relatives involved in some way with the P‑38, as well as people who just love this beautiful plane (or WWII aviation history).  These fans have become an important part of carrying on a legacy which began over 70 years ago.

Join Now

We welcome you all.  Why not join us today to help carry on the Lightning’s story. You can get all the details here… and, unlike with some other aviation organizations, the annual dues won’t be painful! Oh yeah, we also will never, EVER, sell your name or information to another company or individual.

Board Members

Scott Frederick


HowardHoward Ramshorn


JamesJames Bridges


KellyKelly Kalcheim

Internet Operations, co-Editor of Lightning Strikes

Howard & Maryann Ramshorn

Directors of Docents

SteveSteve Blake

Membership Chairman, co-Editor of Lightning Strikes.


Director, HIstorian

Non-Profit Status

The P-38 National Association is a non-profit organization.  We are a 501(c)(19) tax–exempt organization under the IRS Taxation Code.  All donations made to the P‑38 National Association may be tax-deductible. Check with your Accountant. Tax ID: 95-4173977


Steve Blake
Jim Bridges
Scott Frederick
Kelly Kalcheim
Tim Mallis
Howard Ramshorn
Maryann Ramshorn
Lowell Stacy


Steve Blake

Legal Counsel

Samuel P. Crowe


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Board Meeting

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Board Meeting

Mimi’s Restaurant
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Board Meeting

Mimi’s Restaurant (Tentative)
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Board Meeting

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