Stickers & Decals

Vinyl Decal – White

White Window Decal
Single Use
All Original Art

Vinyl Decal – Full Color

Vinyl Sticker
Sticks to Laptop, Wall, Window, Bumper
Size: 5″
printed digitally in full color
UV Resistant
Easy to apply
Sticks on most flat or curved metal surface
Guaranteed to last for years
Made in USA

P-38 Squadron Logo Sticker

Size: About 5″ round
Will stick to most flat or slightly curved surfaces( cars, walls, windows, plastics, metal, and wood)
Highest resolution graphics 1200 DPI
Vibrant colors and sharp bold images
6 mil vinyl (no fading or discoloring)
Weather and UV resistant (protects from sunlight and exposure to harsh weather)
Made in the USA

Adorimini Emblem

82nd Fighter Group
Vinyl Sticker
Printed with solvent based inks
Waterproof, scratch and UV resistant
Laminated for extra protection
Single use
Made in USA

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So, you can thank the P‑38 and the men and women who designed, built, maintained and flew it for helping to preserve the freedom that we still enjoy to this day. You can support our mission by making any purchases through one of the store links listed below! And we thank you for helping us continue our mission to keep the P‑38s flying into the future, as they did in the past.

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