Here are some websites that we felt might be of interest to our visitors, who have a special interest in the P‑38 aircraft. If you find any others you think should be added, please let us know!

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If you find any other websites which you think should be here, let us know.

Not a P-38 link, but someone who we know well deserves to be included!

100 years -
Official Site

35th Photo Recon Squadron

49th Fighter Squadron

Allied Fighters
(Owners of one of the few P‑38s still participating in air shows.)

Bong VeteransHistorical Center
(Visit our Dick Bong page.)

Mighty Eighth AF Heritage Museum

33rd Photo Recon Squadron

Gerald Lindell site
Site done in honor or his father-in-law, P-38 pilot John Raymond “Ray” Johnson.

82nd Fighter Group
Dedicated to the 82nd Fighter Group, the top scoring fighter group unit of WWII in the Mediterranean theater (MTO). This group  racked up 548 confirmed aircraft destroyed, 126 locomotives, and 9 ships.

Warbird Resource Center
Very neat site which has a database of all the P-38s it can find info on, including pictures, serial numbers, etc.

The Flying Knights of WWII
The unofficial website dedicated to The Flying Knights (9th Fighter Squadron). Fifty of its pilots became fighter aces, one of them being Major Richard I. Bong, America’s all-time top-scoring ace with 40 victories.

Guide to Aircraft Museums
Association Member and aviation author, Roger Naylor, has now created his own website.  Check it out here.  (Don’t forget to check out Roger’s book, A Paper Statue, on our Amazon page.

20th Fighter Wing
The 20thFG was a major operator of the P‑38, operating from Kingscliffe.

Help Save the Grand Central Terminal
(Former P‑38 base Watch videos)

NASA History Website
Great details available here on the P-38 wind tunnel and ditching tests.

NASA YouTube Channel

P-38 Lightning Facebook Groups

P-38 National Association

This list are all Private groups that you have to request to join:

P-38 Lightning Spoken Here!!!

P-38 Lightning recovery project . Greenland

Lockheed P-38 Lightning

P-38 Lightning Lovers

Operation Bolero
Operation Bolero 
A non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery and restoration of WWII aircraft and to sharing their history with future generations.

9th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron
The 9th PRS Online is dedicated to all of the men who served with the 9th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron. To that end they embark upon an endeavor to illustrate the critical role the Squadron played in the defeat of Imperial Japan that has otherwise been largely lost with the span of time.

34th Photo Recon Squadron
(via The American Air Museum)

96th Fighter Squadron
Lots of great pictures!

NASA P-38 Photo Gallery

475th Fighter Group
Don’t forget to visit their gift shop while there!

Wild Bill’s P-38 page

Air Force – Together We Served
A place for Airmen to reconnect with those they served with, share memories and record their Air Force Story.

World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands & North Sea
Jan Nieuwenhuis, from Texel Island, The Netherlands, has put together an extensively researched database of these crashes. It does cover more aircraft than just the P‑38, but the info he has on Lightning crashes alone is worth a visit. You can do a search by aircraft, crewmember or cemetery/memorial. It is an ongoing project, so check back often. (Make sure to click “X” in the box at the bottom to activate the database!)