We’ve received some great feedback from our Members and visitors! Here are a few of their comments:


“Want to say what a terrific job you have done in setting up the website. It’s outstanding!! As a Charter member and a former P-38 Pilot in the Southwest Pacific, I am proud to be a member and see the interest the younger generation is taking to keep the memory of a spectacular aircraft alive (as well as stories of the “old birds” who flew them!).” 


– Clayton A. Johnson
Lt. Col. USAF Ret (Charter Member)

“Just great to have access to such a publication (NOTE: He’s referring to “Lighting Strikes,” our membership publication). The Lightning has always held a special place with me.”

-Ed Rothermund (Member)


A fabulous job on the p38 website!” 

– Warren “Bruck” Bruskrud
(Life Member)

Greetings, I am a new member, great organization and web site!

-Capt. Allen Hamilton


I think your site is excellent.” 

– Lee Leonard

I have been a member ever since Joe Kuhn was the Editor. I’m proud to still be a member. You’ve got a great website.

– Bob Blaschke
Col. USAF (Ret)


Great site, very informative.” 

– Jim Corbitt
(Fan & Member)

Enjoyed your website; keep up the good work.

– Don Morberg


Love it!” 

– Wayne Williams
(Long-time member, fan)

A great website that gets better with each revision! It has real class, and yet it is extremely user friendly with logical links.

– Roger Naylor


I spent about two hours on your site last night and can’t compliment you folks enough. What a great site! I particularly enjoyed reviewing several of the old newsletters and seeing a bunch of the videos of Glacier Girl, Red Bull, and other P‑38s. The seven-minute video with a P-38 flying with a Corsair, a P-40, and what looks like a Hellcat, and later with an A-10 Warthog is absolutely KILLER ! I also really enjoyed the Columbia, Mo airshow video- first for Glacier Girl because you can HEAR those wonderful engines!” 

– Craig DeGraff

“Fantastic newsletter this month. I am spending a fair bit of time going through the pictures. Brilliant collection.”

– Barry -Margaret Harth


The website truly has to be seen to be appreciated. Beautifully designed and comprehensive…” 

– Steve Blake
Editor, “Lightning Strikes” magazine

Top marks to the P38 website!!!

– Dick Willsie (Life Member)
P-38 Pilot


Tremendous job with the website

– Bob Waggoner (Member)
P-38 Pilot

Congratulations on an excellent job of setting up this web!

– Hal Baugh


Enjoyed your Web Site.

– William D, Gatling

I’m an ole [81] p38 jockey from ’42. Still enjoy your Website; think it is great. Know it takes a lot of effort and know how on your part. Just a big THANKS!!!

– M.P. ‘Dutch’ Owens
Major USAAF (Ret.)


Website looks great!

– Terry Gordon (Fan)

A pat on the back to all of us for this site, especially Kelly and Steve Blake (special kudos to Kelly for effort and quality of the site. What would we do without her?)

– John Stanaway
(Author and P-38 Historian)


Enjoyed your website; keep up the good work.” 

– Don Morberg

Just a quick note to congratulate you all for the great job you’re doing in maintaining the new web-site and for earning the recently received “DISTINGUISHED SITE AWARD.”

Your efforts are enjoyed and appreciated by many — keep up the good work!!!!!!

– Will Hattendorf
(Past President, 82nd Ftr Grp Assn.)

Infantrymen Award has reviewed your site and found it to be one of the top military sites on the web! To let others know how great we think your site is feel free to display your Site Award Anywhere you wish!

US Wings - Gold Site Award
Distinguished Site - Medal

Congratulations on a great site! Your efforts to honor, serve and inform the military community are commendable.

This is indeed an aircraft worth remembering. One of our founders was a P-38 aviator and this is close to his heart. Again, congratulations on a great website.

– Anne Dwane & The Team

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