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P-38 LIghtning Card Deck

P-38 Lightning Card Deck

Bicycle brand playing cards with a P-38 silhouette in a round frame and the classic WW2 stencil typeface in black “P-38 Lightning” written above it.


P-38 Props Counter-rotate Card Deck

My Props Counter‑Rotate!

Bicycle brand playing cards with the popular World War II expression (Keep Calm and Carry On). Adapted in a humorous way to fit the P‑38 Lightning’s classic counter rotating propellers. P‑38 illustration with the words “I Can’t Keep Calm, My Props Counter-Rotate” in classic black font text.


Fork-Tailed Devil P-38 Card Deck

P-38 Lightning Fork‑Tailed Devil Playing Cards

Bicycle brand playing cards with the famous nickname given to the P‑38 Lightning by the German Luftwaffe pilots – the “Fork-Tailed Devil” due to its unique design. Many of the fighter squadrons during WWII had their unique insignia, often designed by the men in their squads.  This design was used by the 49th Fighter Squadron in Foggia, Italy.

P-38 Lightning Poker Chips

P‑38 Lightning Poker Chips

Poker anyone? These custom P‑38 Lightning poker chips have a classic P-38 Lightning silhouette in the center of a circle with the words “P‑38 Lightning” written above in the military‑style stencil typeface. They are a perfect addition to this store’s custom Bicycle brand playing cards. The chips are available in many colors – your choice!

P-38 LIghtning Poker Chip Colors

P-38 Poker Chip Colors

These are the many colors that these P‑38 poker chips are available in.

Available P‑38 Poker Chip Colors


LIght Blue

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