P-38 Monument

P-38 Monument
P-38 Monument

The first thing you see when approaching the entrance to the Museum is a beautiful P‑38 monument, the “shining star” of the P‑38 Museum.

It is dedicated to test pilot Tony LeVier, who did everything he could to guarantee that the pilots would have the best Lightning they could possibly get!

Hundreds of people have chosen to honor their friends and relatives by having their names and/or squadrons added to this monument.

Anyone can feel free to add a name. Members of the military and veterans can have their rank and squadron number added as well. We’ve already filled two sides and a portion of the third, so now’s a good time to show your support for our mission–the preservation of the memory of this magnificent WWII warbird.

Once the space is gone, it’s gone. And it’s for a helluva great cause.

P-38 Monument


We will not be using your personal information for anything other than the monument engraving, so you needn’t worry about your privacy. NOTE: Due to the agreement we have with the engraver, we are required to have a minimum of three names before the engraving will be completed.

There are TWO easy ways to request a name engraving:

Pay by Check

Amount: $300 :
Made payable to: “P‑38 National Association”

Mail to:
P-38 National Association Attn: Monument
PO Box 6453
March ARB, CA 92518-0393

If you are paying by personal check, please make sure to give us :
– The name exactly as you would like to have it engraved
– Your name
– Your email
– Your phone number
in case we need to contact you. If you have any special instructions please include those as well.

Pay Online

We accept credit card payments through our Association with PayPal’s secure Online Services.  All charges are guaranteed against fraud. Make payment now by filing in the form below and clicking on the “Order Now” button to pay for the engraving.

That will take you to the PayPal page with the option to pay with credit card (no account required).

    Please submit this form to order via Credit Card

    After you click the “Submit Order” button, you can submit the fee via credit card through the PayPal link here:

    Name to be Engraved
    Person Paying for Engraving
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