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P-38 Lightning Counter--rotate Bar Coasters

Funny P‑38 Lightning Plastic Coasters

These custom coasters feature a front view of a P‑38 with a play-on-words of the famous World War II British saying:

I Can’t Keep Calm!
My Props Counter‑rotate!

Set of 6 Coasters
High gloss plastic with non-skid cork backing
Perfect for hot and cold drinks
3.8″ x 3.8″
Easy wipe-clean surface

414 MPH of Whoopass - P-38 Lightning bottle opener

P‑38 Lightning Bottle Opener

P‑38 silhouette in front of a sunburst design.“414 MPH of Whoopass” printed under the image

1.5″ x 7.l”
Protective coating
Spinner ring included
Stainless steel construction

Great as a gift for P‑38 fans, aspiring bartenders or for friends that like a good drink (or two)!

P-38 LIghtning Corkscrew

P‑38 Lightning

Waiter’s Corkscrew

P‑38 silhouette in a circle with the words P‑38 Lightning written in a curved miliary-style stencil font.

Black Corkscrew and Bottle Opener
A unique double-hinged lever with a contoured handle allows you to open up bottles and bottles of wine. Drink up!

4.375″ x 0.50″ x 1″
2.3 oz
Stainless steel foil cutter blade
Bottle cap opener
Steel spiral corkscrew
Ergonomic plastic handle

P-38 Lightning Matches

P-38 Lightning

Custom Matches

Front view of a P-38
P-38 Lightning written in military-style stencil font
Customize with your own name! along the bottom (EASY to do. Just click on the link where it says “Personalize this template” and change the name!)

Set of 50
Matchboxes are sold in sets of 50
Each matchbox contains approximately 18 wooden match sticks
Made in the USA
2.25″ x 1.375″

Great as party favors, anniversary parties, and for your bar. Endless uses.

P-38 Fork-Tailed Devil Coasters

Fork-Tailed Devil

Paper Coasters

This colorful, paper coaster has the Fork-Tailed Devil insignia, with Fork-Tailed Devil written in black military-style stencil font underneath the design.

The P‑38 Lightning was known by the German Luftwaffe pilots as the “Fork-Tailed Devil” due to the plane’s unique design. Many of the fighter squadrons during World War II had their own unique insignia, often designed by the men in their squads. This one was used by the 49th Fighter Squadron in Foggia, Italy.

You might not always want permanent, plastic/cork coasters. Sometimes, especially during a party, you may want to go with these paper coasters instead.

4″ x 4″
50 pt. pulp board
Sold as sets of 6
Tough, durable, and absorbent
Vibrant full-color one-sided printing

Tony LeVier shot glass

P-38 Test Pilot

Tony LeVier Shot Glass

Cartoon nose art “Snafuperman” for P‑38 Test Pilot Tony LeVier’s Lightning. This is the same insignia we have on our Lightning at the P‑38 Museum in Riverside, CA, which is named for and dedicated in his honor..

Because no good story ever started with drinking water. Great conversation maker for your bar!

1.97″ x 2.36″
Full color photo quality digital printing
Hand wash only

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