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The Plane that Changed the Course of History!

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“The Plane that Changed the Course of History!”

Quite a bold statement, true. But as you visit this website dedicated to the P‑38 Lockheed Lightning, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that we never would have won WWII without the help of this extraordinary aircraft.

Contrary to what some think, the P‑38 was not just a fighter, although it was the fighter of choice for many pilots, including the top American “Aces” of the war. But, the P‑38 was so versatile it could also be a bomber (carrying high explosive and incendiary bomb loads), a photo reconnaissance plane and a state-of-the-art radar escort.

There’s very little it couldn’t do. It flew at amazing speed and altitude for its time, faster and higher than any other.

The sight of a P‑38 Lockheed Lightning so terrified the enemy that the Luftwaffe dubbed it the “der gabelschwanz-teufel” (fork-tailed devil). Guess they knew there’d be hell to pay if a P‑38 crossed their path!

More about the 38’s versatility later, but let’s start at the beginning

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We have reached a settlement in the litigation with March Field Air Museum and are pleased with the results. Now begins the task of cleaning the P‑38 Museum and getting it ready to reopen to the public. We will let you know when the Grand Reopening will be as soon as we have a date!

Thanks for all the support we have received from our members and fans during this process. We very much appreciate it!

If you would like to help with the clean-up effort or sign up as a one-day-per-month docent, please reach out to us on our “Volunteer Today” page.

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