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Or just say “thanks” for all we owe the P‑38.  It’s the least we can do, after all it’s done for us!

You can help us directly with your financial donations. Those donations, large and small, enable us to do all we do in support of the P‑38.

You can click any of the Easy-Donate Buttons below and let us know which type of donation you wish to make (In Memory Of, etc.).

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We are Partners with Amazon, Zazzle and Walmart, with more to come! Any purchase you make through those links will generate a small commission that goes 100% to supporting the P-38 Association’s work. Every little bit helps!

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There are plenty of ways that you can help support us in our mission. You can become a member of the P‑38 Association, of course. Everyone is welcome to join, and that gives us legs to stand on in our march into the future.

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We are always on the lookout for people who would like to lend a hand. This might be at a local air show or event or by signing up as a docent at our museum. Just go to this page and fill out our Volunteer Form.  Someone from our Board will contact you to see how you may be able to chip in and help with our mission.

About Your Donation

All donations made to the P‑38 National Association are used entirely in support of our mission to keep alive the memory of this classic airplane from WWII.

You should also know that we do not EVER  sell, trade or otherwise share your information, including email, mailing address or any other details with anyone else. So you will not be receiving a bunch of solicitation junk mail if you choose to make a donation.

Since we are a non‑profit, veterans organization, please check with your accountant, as your donation to us may very well be considered as a tax deduction. Thanks again for your help!

Our Donors

Here’s a roster of all the people who have made donations in memory of others or just for the sake of helping us out.

Support the Museum

Our Museum adjacent to March ARB in Riverside, CA, is one of the things we use your donations for. It is an ongoing project where we add new exhibits on a regular basis.

We have genuine WWII memorabilia and artifacts on display and (so far) two fantastic dioramas — one of March AFB circa 1942 and one of the dramatic rescue of one pilot by another and their return to safety in a cockpit designed for one. (You can read about the Romanian rescue here — and see the photos of that uncomfortable flight to freedom).

In addition to the exhibits in our Museum, we also support the Planes of Fame Museum’s Valle location. Next time you’re on your way to the Grand Canyon, stop by and see our eight beautiful exhibits there.

Our initial exhibits at Valle were in support of our efforts and one special pilot, Archie Jackson. The last set of exhibits were to honor several P‑38 pilots who were from the AZ area.

The exhibits are a labor of love, and we know you’ll be impressed with their quality and contents.

Remember Us with a Legacy Pledge

Nobody likes to think about it, but it happens to the best of us. An easy way to help support our ongoing mission is to leave something for us in your will.

We’ve been fortunate to receive this kind of generous donation from several of our members, who made plans for it in advance, or whose families chose to support us because they knew how special the P‑38 was to their loved one.

A surprising number of people don’t even think of this option, yet it’s an easy way to say “thanks for the memories.”

Many people don’t realize that we are not financially supported by the USAF or Lockheed or any other organization. This aircraft was an important part of our history, and to carry on its legacy we need funding. That’s the bottom line.

So if you love the P‑38 (or just want to thank a WWII veteran for what they did), please consider making a contribution. No donation is too small. After all, $1 from a million people….

Our mission, as you can probably tell by our name, is to keep alive the memory of that great WWII combat airplane, the P‑38 Lightning. We want to honor it and remember everything it contributed to our victory during that great conflict.

We exist to honor the plane and the men and women who helped put it and keep it in the air during those difficult times — as well as all the folks who “keep ’em flying” in the 21st Century!

Monument Engraving

P-38 MonumentOutside of our Museum in Riverside, CA, there is a beautiful sculpture dedicated to Tony LeVier — the phenomenal Lockheed test pilot who routinely showed young pilots just what feats the new P‑38 Lightning was capable of by routinely performing maneuvers that most pilots at that time thought were impossible.

On each of the four sides are marble plates with the names of pilots, crew chiefs, family members, squadrons and more. 

Unfortunately we are no longer able to add names to the moment, but when you stop by the P-38 Museum please take some time to view it!

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