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It Began with a Dream

The year was 1996. The goal was to build the largest and most comprehensive collection of P‑38 material ever assembled under one roof.

Our P‑38 Museum was built by WWII P‑38 pilots, crew members and others with hands-on experience with the Lightning. They spent their own money and labor building it, and we are pleased to be able to maintain it in its current location, adjacent to March Air Reserve Base where the P‑38 took its first flight.

The Museum would share the history of the P‑38 from design to construction to flight.

Memorabilia of all things concerning the operations and exploits of what we believe to be the most magnificent and versatile fighter aircraft of its time would be on display for the general public to enjoy. Visitors would be able to learn more about the important part the P‑38 played in winning World War II.

Squadron histories and hundreds of artifacts and original photos (many from private collections never before seen in public) would be on display. Artifacts to give our visitors a real “hands-on” feeling of what it must have been like for those brave and daring P‑38 airmen of World War II.




We are temporarily closed due to a legal dispute we had with the March Field Air Museum. Happily that has now been settled. We are pleased with the results and eager to once again throw open our doors to the public and put a smile on the faces of all of you who love the P​‑38 as much as we do!.

Since we have been closed for over a year now begins the task of cleaning the P‑38 Museum and getting it ready to reopen. It will take a little time to do clean-up and we are getting started.

We will let you know when the Grand Reopening will be as soon as we have a date!

Thanks for all the support we have received from everyone who helped us out during this process. We very much appreciate it!

If you would like to help with the clean-up effort or sign up as a one-day-per-month docent, please reach out to us on our “Volunteer Today” page.


P-38 Museum and Tony LeVier Hangar
(Located adjacent to the March Air Reserve Base on the campus of the March Field Air Museum.)
22550 Van Buren Blvd.
Riverside, CA  92518

When coming from the North, exit at Van Buren and turn left (over the I-215) and continue past the stop light to the entrance of the March Field Air Museum (MFAM) grounds. When coming from the South, exit at Van Buren and turn right onto the Museum grounds.

We are a separate company from the MFAM and do not charge admission to the P‑38 Museum; but, in order to access us, there is a fee to enter the MFAM grounds. If you are an aviation fan, it is well worth the price!

P-38 National Association
21392 Palomar St., Unit 56
Wildomar CA 92565

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation after reopening will be Sat-Sun from 10a to 4p, although we are planning to expand those hours and will post them here when they take effect.

P-38 Museum
P-38 Museum

The entire P‑38 Museum project was accomplished with volunteer man hours and volunteer dollars — what an extraordinary accomplishment!

The P‑38 Museum is appropriately housed in an airplane hangar, adjacent to March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, CA. You can’t really miss our sign on the East side of I‑215 near March ARB in Southern California.

Our museum is dedicated to Chief Test Pilot, Tony LeVier, who flew over 200 different types of aircraft, declaring the P‑38 to be his favorite!  Read more about Tony LeVier.

In the beginning…

After the P‑38 National Association was founded in May of 1987, one of it’s proudest accomplishments was building the Museum, which is supported on contributions of memorabilia and donations from the public and our Association Members.

Construction on the Museum began in the late 80’s and was supervised with perfection by P‑38 pilot, and former Association President, Dick Willsie.  Have a look at the early construction photos of the Museum, and see what it looks like today!

Museum Remodel!

Our P-38 Museum is well over 20 years old, and was past due for a facelift. But, actually, we did much more than that. Our P-38 Museum has been completely remodeled.  It has taken us nearly eight months to complete the job and tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s where you can help. Since we do not receive any funding from the USAF, Lockheed or the March Field Air Museum,  your help really counts with us! Make Your Remodel Donation here. If you’re ever in the area, please stop by and check it out!

Learn more about our Exhibits, our Monument, our many exceptional Dioramas, and Sculptures.


Offering visitors a genuine “P‑38 Experience.”

Important Notice

Although we are housed on the grounds of the March Air Museum, the P‑38 Association’s Museum is a separate and independent non-profit organization.

We are not affiliated with the USAF or Lockheed, and our entire operation is supported solely by people like you. See how you can help us with our mission!

Non-Profit StatusThe P-38 National Assn is a 501(c)(19) non-profit, tax–exempt veteran’s organization.


Each Docent volunteers their time at the Museum to answer questions and act as “hosts” to our visitors. All Docent Duty is coordinated with great dedication by Howard & Maryann Ramshorn. 

If you have a passion for the P‑38 and a few hours to spare, we sure could use your help. We offer free training, so if your spirit is willing, let us know.

Active Docents

James Bridges
Tim Mallis
Bob Pepper
Howard Ramshorn

Maryann Ramshorn
Larry Segrist
Sherry Segrist
Isaiah Suso


YOU can make a difference - VolunteerThe P-38 Association is always looking for helping hands. Whether it’s helping out at our P‑38 Museum in Riverside, CA, or volunteering to be “boots on the ground” at air shows, membership drives or a myriad of other activities, we welcome your participation. Just fill in this brief form and someone from our organization will be in touch!

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There are plenty of ways that you can help support us in our mission. You can become a member of the P‑38 National Association, of course. Everyone is welcome to join, and that gives us legs to stand on in our march into the future.
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