P-38 March Field Diorama, circa 1942-43

This section of the website is dedicated to our March Field diorama and shows the many steps involved in creating this beautiful exhibit.

It is an authentic recreation of March Field circa 1942-43, and was built by our own Howard Ramshorn, Lowell Stacy and the late Stan Jones.

It took over a year to build, and the attention they paid to even the tiniest detail is one of the things that makes it so amazing to see. 

The photos cover the project from beginning to end, with the full exhibit being put on display in our P-38 Museum, which is located across the runway from the present-day March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, CA.

When you click on the thumbnail +, it will take you to a larger version of the photo. Just click the x at the top to close and come back here.

March Field played a very important part in the history of the P-38.

The first P-38 (the XP-38) was assembled at the Lockheed plant in Burbank, partially disassembled, and then transported secretly in the dead of night to March.

It was reassembled and rolled out for its first flight on January 27, 1939.

This diorama covers the period when P-38s were in full swing at March.

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