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We have included lots of choices for you from our newly redesigned Amazon store. To make it easier to find what you want, just click on the black-and-white menu item above and it'll take you right to that section of the P‑38 Association Amazon store!

We've included a few samples below for some of the many great products available through our Amazon affiliation. Just a reminder that anything you buy from Amazon once you have gone to their website from one of our links, that purchase will help support the mission of the P-38 Association...so, thanks!

A Few Sample Shirts (See them all here)
P-38 Lightning Future of Flight!


P-38 Lightning Retro Design
A Few Sample Books (See them all here)
P-38 Odyssey

Lockeed P-38-5-LO

The Lost Squadron
A Few Sample Models (See them all here)
Revell 1:48 P38J Lightning
Revell 1:48 P38J Lightning
Glacier Girl Model
Glacier Girl Model