Earliest P-38

The XP‑38 was the first effort at designing this extraordinary airplane. Here are some rare, classic images of that beautiful bird. The high-gloss finish on this P‑38 puts us in mind of the present-day Flying Bulls P‑38 in Austria.

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Vintage California Leads The Way Tin

12 x 18 Distressed

The XP-38 rolled off the line in Burbank, CA. The beauties seen here are flying over the Golden Gate bridge.

This 24-gauge steel sign is hand distressed to create the look and feel of aged metal and paint. 12″x 18″; includes mounting holes.

NOTE: The P-38 Association will not receive a commission on this sale. We just like and support the Victory Girl mission!

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P-38 Variation : Pathfinder

P-38 Variation : Pathfinder

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P-38 Training Film

P-38 Training Film

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Lockheed Plant

Lockheed Plant

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