Earliest P-38

The XP‑38 was the first effort at designing this extraordinary airplane. Here are some rare, classic images of that beautiful bird. The high-gloss finish on this P‑38 puts us in mind of the present-day Flying Bulls P‑38 in Austria.

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Vintage California Leads The Way Tin

12 x 18 Distressed

The XP-38 rolled off the line in Burbank, CA. The beauties seen here are flying over the Golden Gate bridge.

This 24-gauge steel sign is hand distressed to create the look and feel of aged metal and paint. 12″x 18″; includes mounting holes.

NOTE: The P-38 Association will not receive a commission on this sale. We just like and support the Victory Girl mission!

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos to show you just how versatile the P‑38 was, as well as some just for fun. To see the "triple lines" (which Lockheed was told couldn't be done), click here. If you'd like to see a ton of photos of the P‑38 during assembly, check this out.When you...

Some Famous P-38s

Some Famous P-38s

Visit the "Surviving P‑38s" page to see where all of them are, including the ones that are still airworthy (and do let us know if you hear about updates!).23 Skidoo Serial #44-23314This P‑38 has gone through many name (nose art) changes over the years. She was bought...



The following cartoons poke a little fun at some of the "unusual" quirks in the P‑38. Sometimes, you've just gotta laugh at yourself... All of them are not cartoons in the ha-ha sense of the word, but rather cartoon-like drawings of the era. We've given credit where...